Igloo Ideas

Hi. Are you having a hard time with making a good igloo? If you are, here are some good igloos. (But if you copy them, you can’t say “I did it myself.”) I had some help with some of my igloos too – by Singer2602. So these are made by me, Pup2602, and Singer2602. Well, here are the igloos.

Pool or water slide.

Tip: It works best with no puffles, but if you have a pool hat for your puffle it might get more penguins!

An island

Tip: Do not try too hard to get penguins, do stuff to get penguins to come for 5 minutes.


Tip Some penguins might say its bad, so this is not always the best igloo idea.


Tip. You might get a lot of robbers or RPF. which makes penguins leave.


Tip. Get a purple puffle or card jitsu mats to get penguins to stay a bit longer.

Air Plane.

Tip: If you have some more room you can make a restaurant.

Lazer Tag.

Tip: You do not have to use the same walls I did.

I might get some more igloos up soon! But if you want to see stuff like ship wars, tell me in a comment. well. Bye.

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