Club Penguin: new page coming soon and help save penguin of the month!

Hi. I am going to make a new page on the blog! It will be for arts and crafts! And if you like my igloo of the moth page, please post a link to a pic of your igloo. If you do not do this, the igloo of the month might go down! Bye.

Club Penguin New field ops and new club penguin times

Hi. I am going to do something new! I am going to do the CP Times and the field ops. Here is the stuff you have to do to get the field ops.

First click your phone and go to the EPF.

Here is a pic.

Ok. Now you go to the big thing that looks like a boat. I do not know what the name is, so here is a pic.

And the circle is where you stand for the field ops.

And here is a pic of the new CP Times.

Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin Items get fruity

Hi. I was on CP and I found fruit items! Here are some penguins with fruit items.

CP is getting a lot more fruity!! 🙂 Well that’s it. Bye.


Club Penguin Fun Facts

Hi. If you want to know who is the owner of my blog, it is Pup2602! Look at this stuff for my penguin.

I have lots of looks but I will do three. Here.

Ok, like it? Well look at this one.

Rockhopper is on me!!

Surfs up!

Ok, here are some fun facts about me.

I like Cart Surfer, the game.

I have met Rockhopper, Rookie, and Cadence. And a lot more, like PH.

When a new party comes, I go on a empty server.

I meet a lot of penguins when I’m not trying.

I will do this every month! And I have got a lot of new items, so if you want to meet me look at the name. 🙂 So this will update a lot. Well that’s it, bye.

Club Penguin Know cheat

Hi. I have not been on CP today. But if you still want to meet me, look at this tracker thing.

Room. Stage.

Server. ice burg.

Day and time. Day Thursday. Time 8 in the morning and 7 at night.

Well. I am making a tracker for me. But for now bye.

Club Penguin New igloo upgrades

Hi. I have found out that the igloo upgrade will come tonight! Someone who works for CP made a post on twitter cool right? Well that’s it.

Club Penguin Upgrade to EPF and sports shop?!

Hi. As you know the sports shop was attacked by Herbert! But I have been looking at some stuff and it might come back to CP! Lots of clues :0

This started it all.

And a lot of penguins said something like the snow trekker!!


And some sports are in party rooms! There will be a lot, here is a list if the sports shop comes back.

1. EPF upgrade! To the EPFRT or EPF RT.

2. New mission.

3. New spy puffle.

4. New gear.

Well sorry if you like the EPF, its going out 😦 Well the sports catalog is coming I think. If it come it will be in November.

Well there are lots of clues but I did not say all of them, so good luck finding clues.