Club Penguin: new page coming soon and help save penguin of the month!

Hi. I am going to make a new page on the blog! It will be for arts and crafts! And if you like my igloo of the moth page, please post a link to a pic of your igloo. If you do not do this, the igloo of the month might go down! Bye.

Club Penguin Blog upgrades

Hi. I want to update my blog with new stuff. But I do not know if you will like it. So I made a poll! Here.

This will go away in a week or I will stop looking at it in a week. Please vote and one of the upgrades will come if I get no voters. Bye!

Club Penguin Be back in a week!

Hi. I have not made a post for a bit of time and this is why. I am going on a trip and I will have no laptop, so I will make a post when I come back. But for now there will be not so much posts! Bye.

Club Penguin – Is this rookies igloo?

Hi. I was on Clubpenguinwiki for the fair 2012. And it showed a glitch, so I went on CP. I did what it said but instead it let me into Rookies igloo! this might not be Rookies igloo, but if it is here is a pic.

This igloo has no likes! which means it might by Rookies! Well that cheat is cool. But bye for now.


Club Penguin Book

Hi. I was on Club Penguin and I thought it wood be cool if I made a book. So I am making one! Here is a sneak peek.

Cool right? But this is the front. Soon I will have a sneak peek chapter! When the book is done it will go up on my blog! Well that’s it. Bye.

UPDATE. This book will not be on the blog. If it does go up it will be in 2013! Sorry.

Club Penguin New book

Hi. I went on CP and I saw that Happy made a new post. And, it said a new book is coming on August 16! It had a pic, look.

Epic Official Guide-sm.jpg

And this one looks like it will have a lot more! And, you get items with this book! Cool, right? Well, that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin Fruit items part 2 and test penguin

Hi. I was on CP and I found more fruit items! But it was not on penguins! It was in an igloo! Look.

See? Well I have more news below.


Well, I have made a test penguin! But CP got a bug or something. Look.  P.S. I am the test penguin.

See? The real penguin name is Testawesome. But CP made my penguin name: P188471825! Is this a code or what? Well, some of my blog posts will have Testawesome or P188471825. Well, that’s it. Bye.