Club Penguin Party Sneak peek video and more

Hi. I went on CP’s YouTube page and found a sneak peek video!!! I have more so this will have lots of sneak peeks!

And here are the pics.

File:Unknown room3.jpg

Here is a pic of the new game.

File:Smoothies game.PNG

And now the party pics.

File:Fruit Night Club.jpg

File:Fruit cove.jpg

File:Fruit Dock.jpg

File:Fruit Forest.jpgFile:Unknown room1.jpg

Well I liked the video a lot. Why don’t you go watch it by clicking the link below. That’s it for now.

Here is the video.



Club Penguin New Book Arrives in One Day!

Hi. As you know there is a new book coming out. It’s called the Epic Official Guide to Club Penguin (click link to see book on Amazon). And there is a code with it!

And I found a pics of the Expedition Backpack which comes with the book! Here are the pics.


You can get this with the new book that is coming out here!

Well that’s it. Bye!

Club Penguin EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Card Game Code Doesn’t Work Right

Hi. Today I got the EPF card game. When I tried to use the code, it only gave me 1,500 coins. It did not give me the suit, whistle with puffle, or the phone. When I entered the code, all 4 boxes showed up, but only the coins appeared in the box. The other three boxes were empty/ blank.

Has this happened to you?

I’m very disappointed. I spent my own money on this and it cost $10! I thought I was supposed to get all 4 items.

If you have been considering getting this, don’t get it. You might not get all 4 items. I have contacted CP customer service to see what they say.

😦 😦 😦


Club Penguin Fun Facts

Hi. If you want to know who is the owner of my blog, it is Pup2602! Look at this stuff for my penguin.

I have lots of looks but I will do three. Here.

Ok, like it? Well look at this one.

Rockhopper is on me!!

Surfs up!

Ok, here are some fun facts about me.

I like Cart Surfer, the game.

I have met Rockhopper, Rookie, and Cadence. And a lot more, like PH.

When a new party comes, I go on a empty server.

I meet a lot of penguins when I’m not trying.

I will do this every month! And I have got a lot of new items, so if you want to meet me look at the name. 🙂 So this will update a lot. Well that’s it, bye.

Club Penguin Rookie at the party

Hi. I was on CP when I looked at Rookie’s player card and saw this. Look.

And I saw a new homepage! Take a look.

That homepage has a lot of penguins. And this homepage comes when a new party or new room and that stuff comes, so now I bet the sports shop is coming back! And I hope Rookie comes 🙂 Well that’s it, bye.



Club Penguin More EPF news

Hi. The new newspaper came out but I looked at one part and it said polar bear! Look.

Now I am taking a good guess that the sports shop will come. Well that’s it, bye!

Club Penguin New book

Hi. I was looking at cp codes and I found a new book!!!!! Look.

See how it says 2013? It might have super rare sneak peeks!! If I can get it and if I do I will post more on the blog! And it has the EPF, so is the sports shop really coming back? Well that’s it, bye.