Club Penguin: I Made a Thanksgiving Penguin Turkey Banner

Hi. I just made this Thanksgiving button.  If you like my blog and you have one, you can put this on your website! Just copy the code below in the gray box and go to your website or blog and paste the code. I put mine in the sidebar. See it fits good. Here is the code:

Secret Penguin Cheats
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Secret Penguin Cheats"><img

src="" alt="Secret Penguin Cheats" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Club Penguin: new page coming soon and help save penguin of the month!

Hi. I am going to make a new page on the blog! It will be for arts and crafts! And if you like my igloo of the moth page, please post a link to a pic of your igloo. If you do not do this, the igloo of the month might go down! Bye.

Club Penguin Top trumps card game back ground

Hi. I saw some penguins with a background that has lots of penguins on it! I asked penguins about it and they tell you stuff like: I got it for working at cp, I got it at the fair, I got it because I rock. They did not get it for working at CP! I know because I sent the CP team an email asking how to get it. Its with a game in the UK, nowhere else! But just go to Amazon and type in Club Penguin Top Trumps card game. But here is a link to the page. If you click this it will go to the page Club Penguin Top trumps card game on Amazon. But that’s all for now. Bye.

Club Penguin Is there a new DS game coming out?

Hi. I was on CP yesterday and I wanted to know if there was a new DS game coming. So I sent them a question and I got a email today!

It said: That is a good idea do you have some ideas? It said something like that! But it sounds like if they are some of my ideas might be in a DS game!

Well that’s it for now. Bye.


Now the CP team want my ideas for missions, too!


I asked the CP team if they will make a TV show and now they want more ideas!!

Club Penguin Book

Hi. I was on Club Penguin and I thought it wood be cool if I made a book. So I am making one! Here is a sneak peek.

Cool right? But this is the front. Soon I will have a sneak peek chapter! When the book is done it will go up on my blog! Well that’s it. Bye.

UPDATE. This book will not be on the blog. If it does go up it will be in 2013! Sorry.

Club Penguin New field ops and new club penguin times

Hi. I am going to do something new! I am going to do the CP Times and the field ops. Here is the stuff you have to do to get the field ops.

First click your phone and go to the EPF.

Here is a pic.

Ok. Now you go to the big thing that looks like a boat. I do not know what the name is, so here is a pic.

And the circle is where you stand for the field ops.

And here is a pic of the new CP Times.

Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin: What is server jumping?

Hi. Do you want to know what server jumping is? If you said “yes,” here is a page on it!

What is server jumping?

Server jumping is where you can go from one server to a new server.

Cool stuff that you can do with server jumping:

You can look for penguins like Rockhopper super fast.

You can see your friends fast.

When it might come:

It was going to come when the  April Fools party started.

It might come in 2012 or 2013.

Sneak peeks:

Here are the sneak peeks.

I will get more sneak peeks soon, or not. But I have seen lots of sneak peeks! So lets hope it comes soon. Well that’s all for now. Bye.