Club Penguin: new page coming soon and help save penguin of the month!

Hi. I am going to make a new page on the blog! It will be for arts and crafts! And if you like my igloo of the moth page, please post a link to a pic of your igloo. If you do not do this, the igloo of the month might go down! Bye.

Club Penguin Herbert makes his come back!

Hi. Today the music video of the Ghost Just Want To Dance came out.  Here is the video!

Did you see Herbert? He was one of the first things in the video. Here is a pic.

Now you can see he has a bag that has the sun with a X through it! But when the penguins went into the house the power went out! Just like in the Party Starts Now! Is EPFs Operation Blackout on its way? But CP but a sneak peek of whats coming next month. Here is the pic.

This will come next month! It looks like the EPF. I hope you like this sneak peek bye.


Do you think the penguins that went in the house are part of the EPF?  Then Herbert could have trapped the penguins in and started operation blackout?


I want to know if you think Operation Blackout is coming, so please vote on the poll.

Club Penguin Be back in a week!

Hi. I have not made a post for a bit of time and this is why. I am going on a trip and I will have no laptop, so I will make a post when I come back. But for now there will be not so much posts! Bye.

Club Penguin – How to Add Club Penguin Workers

Hi. I have found out how to add workers for CP! If they add you, then when server jumping comes out you can meet them. This will not work for Happy77 and Billybob. Here are some CP workers you can add: Polo Field, Businesmoose, Federflink, and Tour Guide. Now wait and you might get some new friends! Sorry I have no pics. But that’s all for now. Bye.

Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Cheats and More!

Hi. I was playing the new game Smoothie Smash and I know lots of cheats! Here are the cheats.

This game has stamps! Here is a pic of the stamps.

New Club Penguin Coffee Shop & Smoothie Smash Game Cheats

Here is a good cheat. When a clock shows up, press up and you might get more time! In survival mode there is lots of stuff, but you do not have to smash fruit in order! Some penguins want a lot of fruit like Rockhopper. I will have more cheats soon.

Here is the new CP Times.

And here is the Field Op cheat. Go to the EPF HQ and get the Field Op. Now go to the thing that looks like a boat. Here is a pic.

I put a circle for where you need to stand. Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin New field ops and new club penguin times

Hi. I am going to do something new! I am going to do the CP Times and the field ops. Here is the stuff you have to do to get the field ops.

First click your phone and go to the EPF.

Here is a pic.

Ok. Now you go to the big thing that looks like a boat. I do not know what the name is, so here is a pic.

And the circle is where you stand for the field ops.

And here is a pic of the new CP Times.

Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin Stamp

Hi. I have seen penguins who made stamps for there penguin! So I made one of my penguin! Look.

Like it? I think its cool! And it has my penguin’s name! Well that’s all for now. Bye.