Club Penguin Sports shop look or not

Hi. In the whats new blog on CP it had a pic of Herbert! And I have found a pic of the sports shop! Look.

So I hope this is what it will look like if it comes. And lets hope it does not look like this:

So I hope it does not at all look like this!! But if it does, penguins can get popcorn ­čÖé

Well that’s it. Bye!



Club Penguin Party and herbert

Hi. I was going on CP when a new post to the whats new blog showed up! And the party in   August is the Adventure Party!!! Sorry I copied the party name :/ Well look at the pic it has.


See┬áHerbert???!!! So the new book and a pic of Herbert. I’m guessing that the sports shop is coming back!!!!!! And it has more pics! And a they got new worker at the UK work shop! Look.


And I think that I am┬áfriends with her!!! I still have to look, but still cool. Well that’s it. Bye. For EPF ATTACK HERBERT!!!!!!!!!! ­čÖé

Club Penguin Blog party!

Hi. We have hit 200 views this month. So, tomorrow – August 1st – on server iceberg I will be at the VIP back stage with you! And I will show you a new cheat! Well, that will be fun! But I’ve got to find new cheats, so bye.

Club Penguin – How to get on the VIP back stage

Hi. I was playing CP and look what I did.


Cool right? Well this is how I did it.

1. Go to the stage with Cadence.

2. Click the VIP door.

3. Click the blue start two times.

And boom – you’re up on stage! Well that’s it, bye!

Club Penguin EPF igloo

Hi. I was happy that the sports shop might come back. So I made a spy igloo. Look.

Like it? And I have the suits ­čÖé If you have a cool igloo you can post it in a comment and it might be in a post! Well bye.

Here is a shortcut to get to see more igloo stuff.

club penguin igloos

Club Penguin Sports Shop real!

Hi. I was looking for stuff like when the sports shop will come. And I saw a website with a post from CP team! Here is what CP said.

Hello! We’ve just finished up working on the brand new multiplayer game for Elite agents! This game includes multiplayer and co-op team battles and action packed levels. Guide your fellow Elite Penguin Force agents into the field and control vehicles such as dune buggys, helicoptors, and snow trekkers to save the island from robots. Handle new weapons such as lasers, snowball blasters, and more. This game will be done on a total 2D interface and will include boss battles, communicator, and all-new features.

Navigate strange new territories on the island and command your team into the fight against Protobot.

-Earn medals and enhance your Elite Gear.

-Control vehicles such as helicopters, dune buggys, snow trekkers etc.

-Defeat the enemy robots and take out your weaponry for the fight.

The Elite Penguin Force Recon Team are a select group of special agents assigned by the Director himself, and briefed to perform special tasks crucial to the survival of the agency. In EPF Recon Team, it is your job to defend the island from Protobot. We are counting on you. Herbert may have escaped hibernation, but with your intelligence and strength, we can apprehend him once and for all!

This game will be released in August of 2012. 

So this is what CP said. Cool right? That’s it. Bye.

P.S. That big list of EPF stuff is copied and pasted.

Club Penguin Upgrade to EPF and sports shop?!

Hi. As you know the sports shop was attacked by Herbert! But I have been looking at some stuff and it might come back to CP! Lots of clues :0

This started it all.

And a lot of penguins said something like the snow trekker!!


And some sports are in party rooms! There will be a lot, here is a list if the sports shop comes back.

1. EPF upgrade! To the EPFRT or EPF RT.

2. New mission.

3. New spy puffle.

4. New gear.

Well sorry if you like the EPF, its going out ­čśŽ Well the sports catalog is coming I think. If it come it will be in┬áNovember.

Well there are lots of clues but I did not say all of them, so good luck finding clues.