Club Penguin Fruit items part 2 and test penguin

Hi. I was on CP and I found more fruit items! But it was not on penguins! It was in an igloo! Look.

See? Well I have more news below.


Well, I have made a test penguin! But CP got a bug or something. Look.  P.S. I am the test penguin.

See? The real penguin name is Testawesome. But CP made my penguin name: P188471825! Is this a code or what? Well, some of my blog posts will have Testawesome or P188471825. Well, that’s it. Bye.


Club Penguin Items get fruity

Hi. I was on CP and I found fruit items! Here are some penguins with fruit items.

CP is getting a lot more fruity!! 🙂 Well that’s it. Bye.