Club Penguin Top trumps card game back ground

Hi. I saw some penguins with a background that has lots of penguins on it! I asked penguins about it and they tell you stuff like: I got it for working at cp, I got it at the fair, I got it because I rock. They did not get it for working at CP! I know because I sent the CP team an email asking how to get it. Its with a game in the UK, nowhere else! But just go to Amazon and type in Club Penguin Top Trumps card game. But here is a link to the page. If you click this it will go to the page Club Penguin Top trumps card game on Amazon. But that’s all for now. Bye.

Club Penguin Is there a new DS game coming out?

Hi. I was on CP yesterday and I wanted to know if there was a new DS game coming. So I sent them a question and I got a email today!

It said: That is a good idea do you have some ideas? It said something like that! But it sounds like if they are some of my ideas might be in a DS game!

Well that’s it for now. Bye.


Now the CP team want my ideas for missions, too!


I asked the CP team if they will make a TV show and now they want more ideas!!

Club Penguin – Is this rookies igloo?

Hi. I was on Clubpenguinwiki for the fair 2012. And it showed a glitch, so I went on CP. I did what it said but instead it let me into Rookies igloo! this might not be Rookies igloo, but if it is here is a pic.

This igloo has no likes! which means it might by Rookies! Well that cheat is cool. But bye for now.


Club Penguin Field Op and new CP times

Hi. CP updated there website yesterday. and a new CP times came out witha new field ops. Here are some pic of the CP times.

Club Penguin Times Issue #359

Club Penguin Times Issue #359

Club Penguin Times Issue #359

And here is the cheat for the field op.

First go to the EPF HQ and click the sreen to the right.

Now go to the top of the light house and click on the telescope. Here is a pic.

Now click your phone and you will play a game then you did the field op. Well that’s all for now. Bye.

Club Penguin Igloo of the month out now!

Hi. I said that igloo of the month was coming. But it’s now up! I hope you like the new page. Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin Gray Puffle Coming Soon

Hi. I was on CP and I went to the Puffle Shop, but I saw the Puffles where moved! Here is a pic.

This is what it used to look like.

Club Penguin Cheats for Non-Members

And this is what it looks like now.

See?! But did you know that some penguins think that a new puffle will come! Here is a pic.

Cool right? Some penguins wanted it to come at the Puffle Party but they made PH instead. Well that’s all for now. Bye.

Club Penguin Snow dojo date found and color white coming

Hi. I  I was on Clubpenguinwiki and I saw two really cool things! Here is the first thing. I found the date for Card Jitsu Snow! I know the month but not the day. The month is November! This is from Clubpenguinwiki. And here is a pic.

The first one is a party but if you click it, it goes to the page Card Jitsu Snow! And see how it says White, that means the color white might come! And on Clubpenguinwiki I saw that on the page for the fair it says it might come, so it has two dates! Here is a pic.

Cool right? Well that’s it for now. Bye.