Club Penguin Updates and party sneak peeks

Hi. In one day the new party comes! And some more stuff, so here is a list.

New Club Penguin Times.

New Field Ops.

Adventure Party.

Rockhopper comes.

New EPF Message.

New post cards.

New Pin.

And the party is in one day! so here are all the sneak peeks I have.


File:Smoothies game.PNG

File:APToF Sneak Peeks 1.png

File:APToF Sneak Peeks 2.png

File:Screenshot 1642.png

File:Town adventure party 2012.png

File:Fruit cove.jpg

File:Fruit Dock.jpg

File:Fruit Forest.jpg

File:Fruit Night Club.jpg

File:Unknown room1.jpg

File:Snowball Temple.png

I am not saying what the pics are, so the party will be more fun! And I found that members might get free fruit items! Well I hope you will like the party. Bye.

Club Penguin Party Sneak peek video and more

Hi. I went on CP’s YouTube page and found a sneak peek video!!! I have more so this will have lots of sneak peeks!

And here are the pics.

File:Unknown room3.jpg

Here is a pic of the new game.

File:Smoothies game.PNG

And now the party pics.

File:Fruit Night Club.jpg

File:Fruit cove.jpg

File:Fruit Dock.jpg

File:Fruit Forest.jpgFile:Unknown room1.jpg

Well I liked the video a lot. Why don’t you go watch it by clicking the link below. That’s it for now.

Here is the video.