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Club Penguin Operation Blackout

Hi. I have not made a post for a bit and I have lots of sneak peeks for Operation Blackout! And I know a lot for the party, like I know that you can meet Herbert! Here is more stuff I know: There is something named the Time Trekker. It was found at the Halloween Party. If you saw it to you might know that it disappears! It goes back in time or forward in time. Here are pics I found.

All of the pics have the Time trekker in them! And now I said all I know about the Time Trekker. So now this all I know about Operation Blackout. When it comes, it looks like Herbert will try to get all of the EPF, even The Director! And it looks like Dot will come for the mission to! And in Club Penguin Times, Hubert P. Enguin asked Gary how to make a gun that can black out the sun! And Hubert P. Enguin really is Herbert P. Baer! And Herbert has his own website! Named clubherbert! And some penguins think that Herbert used the gun that stops the sun at the Halloween Party so no one will know that he used it! I have some sneak peek pics to! Here are all of my sneak peek pics for Operation Blackout.

This one is a message that I think is from G. It says: Attention Agents – I need your help! Someone is inside my lab, and I think that they’re– *BZZZZZKT*\-connection lost\- So it looks like Herbert is going to sneak into G’s lab or a lab! Well that’s all for now. Bye.

Club Penguin Herbert makes his come back!

Hi. Today the music video of the Ghost Just Want To Dance came out.  Here is the video!

Did you see Herbert? He was one of the first things in the video. Here is a pic.

Now you can see he has a bag that has the sun with a X through it! But when the penguins went into the house the power went out! Just like in the Party Starts Now! Is EPFs Operation Blackout on its way? But CP but a sneak peek of whats coming next month. Here is the pic.

This will come next month! It looks like the EPF. I hope you like this sneak peek bye.


Do you think the penguins that went in the house are part of the EPF?  Then Herbert could have trapped the penguins in and started operation blackout?


I want to know if you think Operation Blackout is coming, so please vote on the poll.

Club Penguin Blog upgrades

Hi. I want to update my blog with new stuff. But I do not know if you will like it. So I made a poll! Here.

This will go away in a week or I will stop looking at it in a week. Please vote and one of the upgrades will come if I get no voters. Bye!

Club Penguin I am back but there will still not be a lot of post

Hi. I am back! In my last post I said I will be back in a week. But the plane lost our tickets, so it was a long car trip. And I am having a hard time catching up, so I thing I might get one more post up soon. Well. Bye.

Club Penguin Be back in a week!

Hi. I have not made a post for a bit of time and this is why. I am going on a trip and I will have no laptop, so I will make a post when I come back. But for now there will be not so much posts! Bye.

Club Penguin Top trumps card game back ground

Hi. I saw some penguins with a background that has lots of penguins on it! I asked penguins about it and they tell you stuff like: I got it for working at cp, I got it at the fair, I got it because I rock. They did not get it for working at CP! I know because I sent the CP team an email asking how to get it. Its with a game in the UK, nowhere else! But just go to Amazon and type in Club Penguin Top Trumps card game. But here is a link to the page. If you click this it will go to the page Club Penguin Top trumps card game on Amazon. But that’s all for now. Bye.