Club Penguin Smoothie Smash Cheats and More!

Hi. I was playing the new game Smoothie Smash and I know lots of cheats! Here are the cheats.

This game has stamps! Here is a pic of the stamps.

New Club Penguin Coffee Shop & Smoothie Smash Game Cheats

Here is a good cheat. When a clock shows up, press up and you might get more time! In survival mode there is lots of stuff, but you do not have to smash fruit in order! Some penguins want a lot of fruit like Rockhopper. I will have more cheats soon.

Here is the new CP Times.

And here is the Field Op cheat. Go to the EPF HQ and get the Field Op. Now go to the thing that looks like a boat. Here is a pic.

I put a circle for where you need to stand. Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin Book

Hi. I was on Club Penguin and I thought it wood be cool if I made a book. So I am making one! Here is a sneak peek.

Cool right? But this is the front. Soon I will have a sneak peek chapter! When the book is done it will go up on my blog! Well that’s it. Bye.

UPDATE. This book will not be on the blog. If it does go up it will be in 2013! Sorry.

Club Penguin Coffee shop update

Hi. I was looking at cheats of CP and I found out that the Coffee Shop is being renovated! Here is a pic of what the Coffee Shop looks like.

And this will be what it looks like when the game Smoothie Smash comes out.

If you look at it you can see that one part is the coffee shop and the other is a smoothie shop! I cannot wait of the update. Tell me what you think of the update in a comment. Well that’s it. Bye.


Club Penguin New field ops and new club penguin times

Hi. I am going to do something new! I am going to do the CP Times and the field ops. Here is the stuff you have to do to get the field ops.

First click your phone and go to the EPF.

Here is a pic.

Ok. Now you go to the big thing that looks like a boat. I do not know what the name is, so here is a pic.

And the circle is where you stand for the field ops.

And here is a pic of the new CP Times.

Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin Rockhopper tracker

Hi. If you do not know, the new party is here! And Rockhopper is at the party! I have met him one time. But I know a lot about meeting him. So here is a list.

If you want to see the player card, here it is.

It’s for the party. And now here are the cheats for adding and meeting him.

1. He has a to do list that list has the best cheats.

2. Here is where you might see him: The dock, His ship, Party rooms, The pizza place. More soon.

3. Sometimes there is a thing to do to add him with out meeting him!

More cheats for finding Rockhopper soon.

Well that’s it. Bye.

Club Penguin Updates and party sneak peeks

Hi. In one day the new party comes! And some more stuff, so here is a list.

New Club Penguin Times.

New Field Ops.

Adventure Party.

Rockhopper comes.

New EPF Message.

New post cards.

New Pin.

And the party is in one day! so here are all the sneak peeks I have.


File:Smoothies game.PNG

File:APToF Sneak Peeks 1.png

File:APToF Sneak Peeks 2.png

File:Screenshot 1642.png

File:Town adventure party 2012.png

File:Fruit cove.jpg

File:Fruit Dock.jpg

File:Fruit Forest.jpg

File:Fruit Night Club.jpg

File:Unknown room1.jpg

File:Snowball Temple.png

I am not saying what the pics are, so the party will be more fun! And I found that members might get free fruit items! Well I hope you will like the party. Bye.

Club Penguin Stamp

Hi. I have seen penguins who made stamps for there penguin! So I made one of my penguin! Look.

Like it? I think its cool! And it has my penguin’s name! Well that’s all for now. Bye.