Club Penguin Party and herbert

Hi. I was going on CP when a new post to the whats new blog showed up! And the party in   August is the Adventure Party!!! Sorry I copied the party name :/ Well look at the pic it has.


See Herbert???!!! So the new book and a pic of Herbert. I’m guessing that the sports shop is coming back!!!!!! And it has more pics! And a they got new worker at the UK work shop! Look.


And I think that I am friends with her!!! I still have to look, but still cool. Well that’s it. Bye. For EPF ATTACK HERBERT!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Club Penguin New book

Hi. I was looking at cp codes and I found a new book!!!!! Look.

See how it says 2013? It might have super rare sneak peeks!! If I can get it and if I do I will post more on the blog! And it has the EPF, so is the sports shop really coming back? Well that’s it, bye.

Club Penguin Card jitsu app

Hi. I have been looking at clubpenguin wikia and found the app card jitsu! Here are some pics.

Hmm… Did you see that it said your penguin! And more of that stuff! And new app and new card jitsu snow?! Well bye!

Club Penguin Know cheat

Hi. I have not been on CP today. But if you still want to meet me, look at this tracker thing.

Room. Stage.

Server. ice burg.

Day and time. Day Thursday. Time 8 in the morning and 7 at night.

Well. I am making a tracker for me. But for now bye.

Club Penguin Blog party!

Hi. We have hit 200 views this month. So, tomorrow – August 1st – on server iceberg I will be at the VIP back stage with you! And I will show you a new cheat! Well, that will be fun! But I’ve got to find new cheats, so bye.

Club Penguin – How to get on the VIP back stage

Hi. I was playing CP and look what I did.


Cool right? Well this is how I did it.

1. Go to the stage with Cadence.

2. Click the VIP door.

3. Click the blue start two times.

And boom – you’re up on stage! Well that’s it, bye!

Club Penguin New igloo upgrades

Hi. I have found out that the igloo upgrade will come tonight! Someone who works for CP made a post on twitter cool right? Well that’s it.