Club Penguin Video camera

Hi. Club Penguin has got a new catalog. And it has the video camera! To me this is a rare item. And there are super hero costumes! And villain costumes! So to me this is my favorite catalog.

Club Penguin Band cheats

Hi. I found out you can look like some of the penguins from the penguin band. I will tell you how to look like Stompin Bob Franky and G Billy! Here:

For Franky, color yellow, urban top and jacket, guitar, and for band mode, color yellow, cowboy hat ,guitar, and red shoes.

For G Billy, dark blue, drum sticks, grey shirt n’ shorts, brown shoes, the storm, and in band mode, dark blue, drum sticks, cowboy hat.

For Stompin Bob, red guitar, color red, sharp black vest, the trend, and in band mode cowboy hat, color red, red guitar.

So that’s how to be Stompin Bob, G Billy and Franky.

Club Penguin Not ?????

Hi. In my last post I made a game sneak peek. And its time tell you what it said. Look.

club penguin the new party is marvel party!

And I’ve seen some sneak peeks for the party! There is going to be a UFO and a new villain!

Club Penguin New song

Hi.If you go to the Iceburg you will here music; its cool. And you can have parties!

Club Penguin ????????

Hi. I thought a game sneek peek would be fun and here it is!

Fix the words and get the sneek peek!

cubl pgeninu teh nwe prtya si mravles paytr !!

Next month i will tell you what it says.

Club Penguin Hide and Seek

Hi. On CP you can play Hide and seek. And here are some hints!

You can go to the Pizza Parlor and be a worker! Tip this will not work well with a friend 😦

You can go to the Stage or the Movies and be an actor or the director – tip this will not work well with a friend 😦

You can go to the Forest and hide in the two trees

You can go to the Stage and go to the fourth seat – tip sit this will make it harder 🙂

You can go to the Stage and go to the box – tip sit this will make it hard

Well that’s it. And tell me if u have a good hiding place in a comment

New Club Penguin snow trekker!

Hi. Club Penguin has a new log out screen. And it has the Snow Trekker. Look!


Is the game Snow Trekker coming out in CP?