Club Penguin Card jitsu snow! and shadow!

Hi. I was looking at some websites and blogs I found.  A lot of people are asking how can I get in the snow and shadow dojo. And for the snow dojo, everyone said the snow dojo is coming in may – which is next month! And for the shadow dojo, people said maybe in November 2012! And for the snow dojo, it might come in June.

Club Penguin Cart Surfer cheats are some Cart Surfer cheats.

Do the back flip and it will give you 100 points.

Do the jump spin for 80 points.

grind at corners for 50-110 points.

And make sure to not do the same one more then one time it will give you less points.

By doing this you can get up to 450 points or more!

Club Penguin Secret Items in the Catalog

There are secret items in the Club Penguin catalog! And here are some.

Click the shovel to get: hat with hair and a recycled tee-shirt.

club penguin cheat boy hat with hair recycle tee shirt

And if you click the tree: you get a black bunny!

club penguin cheat black bunny costume

If you click the paint brush: you get a red viking helmet.

Bonus! Click it 4 times and you get a blue viking helmet.

club penguin cheat red blue viking helmet

These pictures are from different pages in the Club Penguin Catalog.  They are not in order, so click around.

Keep waddling!

Club Penguin Fishing under water?

Hi.I found a member it is.

  1. go and play Aqua Grabber.
  2. and pick Soda Sea levels and find all the cream soda.
  3. by the last cream soda the roof will have holes in it.
  4. hit it and a worm will fall out. get the worm and a fish will swim by.
  5. when you get it bring it to the net you will get 250 coins or 200 coins. the fish will come back keep doing this and you and get up to 2000 coins.